Source Of Ingredients Completely Natural

Gia Lai is the largest coffee growing province in Vietnam, with a history of hundreds of years associated with coffee trees.The life cycle of coffee plants is about 20 to 25 years. When the coffee tree is planted for about 20 years, the old tree has a decrease in fruit yield, and farmers begin to cut it down to plant new trees.


With the characteristics of Robusta coffee tree wood has a characteristic aroma that attracts dogs’ interest in chewing, and when the tree is old, the wood is very hard and tough, at this time we will choose suitable coffee branches to make a chew tree for dogs.

Quality Production Process - Strict

Coffee Chew is meticulously processed by Khang An Gia Lai company, the product is made from dried coffee tree branches, the shell is cleaned, the head is sharpened, and the polish is manually polished.

Strict processing process from stage:

– Harvest 

– Preliminary treatment 

– Machining

– Finishing – packing – preserving

Absolute Quality

– The product is made from coffee tree branches, clean the peel, grind the head, rub the ball

– Processed completely by hand, natural and safe for babies

– Strengthens chewing muscles and promotes teeth cleaning

– Durable products that help your dog’s chewing pleasure last for a long time

– All natural, no harmful substances

– Export

Product Variety

Coffee Chew products at Khang An have 6 sizes:

–  Size XS

–  Size S

–  Size M

–  Size L

–  Size XL

–  Size XXL